Tips to Use Nerf Guns Being Safe

You may get worried about your kid who loves to play with Nerf gun thinking he or she may get hurt. But then you can rest assured. There are some important safety tips for your kid that you can certainly tell them so that the scope of injury is next to zero.

In your childhood, you may have played with ample times but the one if you remember that always gave you ample hours of fun is of course the Nerf Guns. Yes, with better styling and great features today Nerf Guns is still loved by the kids

It gives a good action and gameplay but some parents really get worried about the risk of injury that may happen. But they don’t relay have to feel worried about it because the toy is are made of soft foaming. The kids not just will have fun with this classic toy but also the risk of injuries will be next to zero percent.

Tips to Use Nerf Guns Being Safe

Tips That Can Come in Handy While Using Nerf Guns

Safety tips to not ignore

There are so many types of Nerf Guns designed for kids of a certain age. Once you buy it there will of course be a safety manual that you must go through before you hand over this piece of toy to your child. Although Nerf Guns are extremely safe and if used properly can reduce the chances of injury but accidents don’t have control

 It may happen anytime. Some reports were also made about the eye damage that happened because of Nerf Guns. Despite the foaming construction, such a toy can be quite a powerful one and that is why here are few things you can consider.

Protection against eye injury

Eye injury is the most common issue that is usually caused because of Nerf guns. It happens if the gun is held at quite a close distance. Even if Nerf Guns gameplay is quite the fastest one but you need to keep in mind that all shooting should be done at a reasonable distance.

To fire the gun at someone that too with such closeness would eventually increase the risk of eye damage or injury

Cautious when playing in the surrounding

This kind of game usually is safe if it is played in the game zone only. But if kids take this gun for some Nerf battle and without realizing they enter the streets then it can affect the other small kids and pets. They even get scared and would run to busy Running Street.

This often results in driving distraction which can be harmful to people around. That is why; this game should be played only in the area where no one is around busy doing something.

No use of unsafe elements

There are so many unsafe elements that kids often add to make the gameplay more interesting. Some even have attempted to make the changes in the gun darts by creating it quite heavy and with it to even fly long distance. This also includes the weight added to the darts with the help of hot glue, BBs, and even stick pins.

Even if the weight improves the flying distance, but it can increase the risk of injuries. To make sure such a gun is safely used, it is important to only play with the toy blaster that has been given or follow the instruction of dos and don’ts.

You must avoid looking at the barrel

Whether or not it is loaded, you must not risk your eyes otherwise there is a possibility of accidental discharge. There are soft NERF bullets that may damage when there is a fire from close engage that can enter the eyeball and cause damage.

When not using, the finger should be off the trigger

You never know whether the finger would hit the button and the gun would affect. It is important to take extra precaution when your gun is around. It can be pointed at the wrong places and the person who may get hit might not be aware of it.

You can end up accidentally shooting someone because they were not paying any attention at all. To make sure the misfires don’t happen, it is better that you don’t keep it loaded. Unsuspected victims like dogs can get a shot and may get injured.

Avoid Headshots

As a basic rule, never aim at anyone’s head. Rather, you can always look for an arm, shoulder, or any such body part that can take a hit. Even if darts are made of foam which is quite soft but still to avoid the risk of dating hitting anyone’s eye, it is better to avoid the aim at the head. 

Along with not aiming at anyone’s head, you need to protect yourself against such a hit too. That is why always use the safety classes that would give your eyes better precautions when you play with NERF gun.

No animal should get harmed

It is a game meant for humans and not for animals. They have a sensitive heart and you cannot just aim and shoot them. Rather you are somehow making them aggressive by damaging their trust within you. This can even make them have a hostile interaction the next time when you again meet these animals.

Along with avoiding shooting the animals, see to it those who are into the part of the game should not be even hit. If you are in an area where several people are working or walking whom you don’t even know or are not even part of the game, then you will simply be antagonizing them and pushing yourself to the wrong law side.

Avoid Nerf wars on the highway

Often there has been in the news that people taking their cars out to chase the target. This is just a fun game and no one should be taking it so seriously. Even if you are this type of chasing includes a huge risk.

That is why, to chase the target, the driver may lose control and lead to some serious damage. Nerf has been designed for the best fun and interesting game. It would be worth following the fun part of this game and avoid the ugliness as much as possible.

Out from toddlers reach

There are so many parts of the gun that are not be used in front of kids who are quite younger than the desired age group to play. In case the accidental flying of such part happens and reaches out to these younger ones, it can cause serious trouble, they may even swallow those small parts and increase the choking hazard risk. That is keeping this gun at the safest place out of the kid’s reach.


There are so many companies coming up with amazing Nerf guns to make the fun a bit exciting. But it is quite obvious that you would get often hesitation on using such a gun in public because someday back then once you were the victim of the target that caused damage.

To make sure this mistake doesn’t repeat with you, it is better to take extra precautions and follow the guidelines set for playing this game.

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