Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster Review -Is It Worth It?

The SlingFire was the Zombie Attack blaster’s initial clip framework. It has an incorporated shoulder stock and a tactical rail, and an incorporated iron viewpoint and three slopes. The Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Review shows the classification and working procedure of the blaster.

Unlike the rest of the blasters, it is presumably due to a lever-action priming system that the SlingFire trigger is in the form of a true blade trigger. Especially, the Revonix 360 and CrossBolt are one of three Nerf blasters to be able to successfully operate while the jam door is open.

Features of the Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire

  • Top-quality children’s toys for all categories
  • Made from secure components
  • Efficiency and long service life tested
  • Blaster has lever-action blasting Zombie Attack SlingFire
  • Blaster cocks in 2 different ways: Flip heel or cock flipping with 1 hand
  • It contains 6 darts and 6 zombie strike darts.  
  • You should include attachments from Tactical rail 
  • Feature blaster SlingFire, 6 darts, 6 dart clips, and guidelines

Specifications of the Gun

  • The mass of this blaster is near about 2.14 pounds
  • Product Dimension is 2.13*26.5*10 inches
  • The firing range of this blaster is 38-40 feet or 11.5 to 12 meters in flat range and in Angled view the range is 60-75 feet or 18.2 to 22.8 meters.
  • Overall, this product is Eco-friendly in nature.

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster Review

The Good

  • Versatile, convenient, fair, and user-friendly.
  • It doesn’t jam for a blaster flywheel.
  • Extensive opportunity for modelling and personalization.
  • Average price rating.
  • Convenient grip and style.
  • Has a powerful strike.
  • Components are still operating well with other blasters.

The Bad

  • The launch of this magazine is a little tentative.
  • Blaster efficiency is a little slow.
  • Single Shot mechanism

Check out video review of Nerf N-Strike Zombie Strike SlingFire from here.

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster Review in Detail

The shoulder body can be separated with the screw in the middle of the brown portion of the body over the lever and the body straight backward slipped. Even without stock, the blaster is entirely working. A metal bar is fixed to the lever.

Mostly on the left-hand side of the blaster, far below reload controls, is a lever escape button. This means that if the blaster is jammed or the trigger is trapped, it will return to the normal location of the trigger. The button does not appear in some versions of the SlingFire.

The zombies get tougher and the defenders battle them – they develop new combat equipment and team with other zombie warriors to keep attacking! Hit the zombies with the SlingFire cannon Nerf Zombie Attack!

Drive the lever to prime the blaster; zombie warriors will do the switch back and forth to prime it with one hand. A six-dart clip and 6 Zombie Attack darts are included with this height action blaster.


The Blaster on its own, a pair of six-round magazines, and 12 darts will be found to nourish the SlingFire.


The distinctive style of the Nerf SlingFire, including lime, green, orange, black, brown, and white has over five various colors. The Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire has a reliable lightweight and a size that isn’t too big or too small.

This offers a wonderful, balanced equilibrium that makes people feel good. There are not so many defensive rails – only one – and sling fixtures on the grip knot and the muzzle. If you want to reduce your range and make things more complicated, you should even add a barrel.


The rubberized ribbon in the grip is a great touch, it feels strong and encourages grip. But I have to admit when I picked it up that I didn’t really like the way it looked.

The thumbhole looks inaccurate.  The inventory is too limited to shoot from your shoulder. It is less appropriate. There’s no way to install a longer stock without having proper customization, so it is recommended that you check to see how it works before buying one.

Loading and Shooting

You would have to draw it further and push it further when crocking when it gets to a lever-action than normal. Even in an open position, you can’t quickly knit. The grey lever is sufficiently close to the trigger to return your finger to the trigger spontaneously and quickly. You don’t have to think whether you’re worried whether or not it’s delicate. Before it splits it is very tough and takes tremendous strength.

The lever appears to bend slightly on the right side is important to remember. This is particularly valid if the blaster is cast down. This makes it possible to smash the trigger. But it does not need to be really concerning because it’s a trick.

The lever movement may take a little more time to become accustomed to. In an attempt to get the magazine out and in, Nerfers have to guarantee that the trigger goes down. So, before interacting with the zombie fight it is suggested that you get used to all the stuff. You wouldn’t like a zombie to feed when you are worried about your lever.

Range of Fire

Any trigger pull is fired with a dart. But by how fast the lever can be dragged, the rate of firing is significantly decreased.

The second downside is that any time a projectile hits the flywheels it is tremendously sluggish. The flywheel drops rapidly enough to restrict the power and range considerably if the height is pulled many times soon.

On the positive note, the firing range of this blaster is 38-40 feet or 11.5 to 12 meters in flat range, and in Angled view the range is 60-75 feet or 18.2 to 22.8 meters.


Although then it doesn’t really profit to have aims or resources on this front, you do have to produce darts reliable for your blaster. Rather than many other arms and blasters, the SlingFire is very positive and accurate.

To brace it, the lever must be lifted up to a point that is just past the blaster body vertically before a sharp click is heard and the friction is experienced. It should also be remembered that the clip remains locked and not released until there are complete advance and the clip discharge flap. If not in operation, the Nerf Zombie Attack SlingFire can definitely be stopped.


There are no barriers or blockages to the trigger area, so you are free to shoot without any barriers. There are built-in, permissible, and feasible iron sights. You can also note there are one up-top tactical rail and two fixing points for the strap. The handle snugly fits into the manual and keeps the blaster securely in all your left, right, or two palms.

If you tilt the tube to allow the darts a good arc, you can drop foam down to a suspicious 20 m long. Some darts are shooting out and others are low. If you fire it flat, the available distance is roughly 40ft/12 m, but the hideous precision of Elite Dart limits this more than just the blaster.

Nerf SlingFire vs. SledgeFire

The SledgeFire is frequently misunderstood as the main firearm, but rather a secondary one. You should use your secondary to complete the roles that your primary lacks. A SlingFire as the main arm and a SledgeFire as a backup one to go into the near territory.

The range of firing and the power is fused much more in the SlingFire rather than the SledgeFire. The spring action is very powerful and throws the dirt in the long-range as compared to the SledgeFire blaster.


According to the Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Review, a huge implication is made by the Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster. It has an especially good structure, is well crafted, feels good in the hand, and is constructed of high-quality components with outstanding manufacturing, modern industrial layout, and excellent performance.

It is suggested that while on a mission one must wear proper gear and must follow strict guidelines for safety.

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