Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster Review

Stryfe was initially launched in 2013, was instantly successful, and re-launched with the orange color scheme and officially uprated internals as the Elite XD Stryfe in 2014. The Nerf Stryfe review shows the classification and working procedure of the blaster. Stryfe is a mid-auto, flywheel with outlets and extended points for the barrel so that you can quickly convert it into a bigger weapon, with several packs.

Features of the Nerf N-Strike Stryfe

  • An iconic and durable layout that works in a splendid manner.
  • Tends to make it very adaptable – essential or major.
  • There are so many update possibilities.
  • It continues to manage four “AA” batteries.
  • 6-dart motor-driven fire.
  • Quick reload point.
  • 6 Outstanding darts 
  • Rail Strategic
  • Elite power N-strike

Specifications of the Gun

  • Acceleration Cause motor-driven Stryfe blasters fire up the machine to blast.
  • Although many N-Strike adapters are consistent with Tactical rail.
  • Fast Reload clip includes 6 elite darts and fits with every blaster.
  • Darts perform with certain N-Strike elite blaster and genuine N-Strike blasters most initially.
  • Blaster is supplied with a Fast Reload Clip and 6 Elite Darts.
  • The fast Refill clip includes 6 elite darts.
  • Clip operates with every blaster from Clip Kit which is sold individually.
  • Up to 75’ range darts of fires.
  • Darts are offered individually for both elite blasters and N-strike blasters.
  • Fast Reload Shot, 6 Elite Darts, and Guidelines are available on Blaster.
  • Colors may differ in packaging.

Nerf Stryfe Review in Detail

The innards are also very popular for customization and so mod kits still have a flourishing after-market. Each blaster of the N-Strike elite has an accelerated power. That ensures precision and flight reliability of your N-Strike Elite darts even on long journeys. Pick and join the Elite with your weapon!

The Elite Blaster N-Strike Stryfe easily overwhelms the objective with a fire flood through a well-equipped N-Strike professional. This hands-on, motor blaster is a lightweight, high-speed kit that provides Elite strength and performance. Enable up to 75 feet of the N-Strike capability and stability to access the acceleration button and blast darts.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster is a Nerf Rifle, which features a 6 Nerf Dart, 6 Nerf Darts, and the Stryfe device. Stryfe is an automatic nerf blaster. You pull the lower trigger for heating up your motor and shoot 1 Nerf Dart for each pull of shoot trigger for this Nerf Weapon.

Check out video review of Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe from here.

Main Title

Nerf Stryfe review

The Good

  • Versatile, convenient, fair, and user-friendly.
  • Fires 3 Darts at a time in automatic mode.
  • It doesn’t jam for a blaster flywheel.
  • Extensive opportunity for modeling and personalization.
  • Average price rating.

The Bad

  • The specified 6 circular clip is too little and appears like the 18 round magazine jams more.
  • Particularly when you update your batteries and motors it’s very noisy.
  • It jams further as batteries run low.


The Blaster on its own, a pair of six-round magazines, and 12 darts will be found to nourish the Stryfe.

Four “AA” batteries are installed well above the trigger to generate the flying-drive. With the support of a screwdriver, you can link the small compartment. The batteries are not provided, so try to ensure you purchase them too.

The magazine is changed by tapping the eject button and separating the magazine with freehand. You can hold this button either by enlarging your middle finger or by attaining it with your spare hand.


The standard blaster Stryfe is an incredibly lightweight weapon, but it has a lot to modify. Without even storage, you can carry it comfortably, since it is not too lengthy and very short – much better than, for instance, a Strong-arm. You should, moreover, put a stock of better magazines and you have a decent semi-auto blaster if you are using it as your main weapon.

The batteries are positioned just below the trigger in a hatch. This offers a wonderful, balanced equilibrium that makes people feel good. There are not so many defensive rails – only one – and sling fixtures on the grip knot and the muzzle. If you want to reduce your range and make things more complicated, you should even add a barrel.

In general, this is a well-built blaster that keeps everything at a minimum and costs about $20, making it easy for you to add your range of gadgets to match your requirements.

Loading and Shooting

Like all other flywheel blasters, before you really shoot, you have to rotate the flywheels. You are indeed using a lever on your brace on your middle finger. It takes a bit of time for the flywheels (particularly with batteries/motors) to accelerate at full speed, if you shoot too fast, the dart can only make it a lousy range.

The Stryfe utilizes a dual-speed flywheel where you grab the spin button and then pull the lever up and eliminate downtime to minimize battery drain. Press the button and shoot a dart until you get the maximum pace. It’s a semi-auto blaster so you pull a dart from the trigger. You must strengthen it to shoot more darts over and over again.

Blasters of flywheels cannot have the integrity of their direct diving counterparts, but Stryfe is quite fine. It works very well with reused darts, but as the batteries get weaker it gets more of a challenge. The Stryfe is much more accurate than many of the new blasters with older darts.

Range of Fire

The Stryfe is a gun with semi-auto. This implies that a dart is shot with each trigger draw. But the firing rate is slightly decreased by how quickly the trigger can be pulled.

The second drawback aspect is that they are delayed considerably each time a projectile reaches the flywheels. The flywheel gradually decreases enough to significantly limit the range and accuracy if you pull the lever many times soon.

Stryfe is able to shoot out three darts every second. If you do this, the 6-round magazine will be null in two seconds and the darts will move decreasingly.

This can be significantly dealt with by increasing the battery pack capacity, but it is the chief factor as Stryfe as supplementary in unchanged form. This isn’t bad, but you exhaust your ammunition quickly and then have your whole arsenal on the floor and you don’t have much left. It is quite real in NERF wars that the word ‘less hurry, greater velocity’ comes to mean the amount is the frequency of Stryfe shooting.


The inclusion of targets or supplies on this front does not really benefit, but it is your blaster that you need to supply darts reliably. Stryfe is very reliable and accurate more than many other weapons and blasters.


The Stryfe muzzle speed was almost what you’d perceive, with an average speed of fewer than 72 feet per second.  N-Strike Elite Stryfe achieved just 69 fps but the Elite XD model does improvement.

So, you will drop foam down on an unsuspected around 20 m to a sense of reliability if you tilt the barrel to give the darts a decent arc. A few darts shoot off and some fall short. The usable distance is about 40ft/12 m if you shoot it flat, but this is more constrained by Elite Dart’s awful accuracy than the blaster.

Nerf Stryfe vs Modulus

The N-Strike Modulus Stryfe is a new N-Strike elite Stryfe launch with the color combination of N-Strike Modulus. The Stryfe is, as the official version, a semi-automatic, flywheel-powered blaster.

It has an attaching point, a barrel, and two tactical rails; one upwards and one beneath the barrel. The Modulus Stryfe is packed with other gadgets, such as a barrel enlargement and a drop grip, in contrast to its N-strike Elite version.

How much does the Nerf Stryfe cost?

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster is a weapon-style Nerf Gun that offers accessories on the back, the top, and bottom of the weapon, to help you edge the opponent! Not just that, but Stryfe motorized shooting is really fast, just keep up the motor trigger and then shoot one Nerf Dart at a moment!

You get a huge range of choices with the Stryfe because it just includes opportunities to succeed! You are now prepared for war, you can update your magazine, add a barrel extension, and a stock!

This was another huge success when the Stryfe came out in 2013. You have a semi-auto flywheel gun for a price of $20, and you have a better offer to make it a larger blaster with a wall and a barrel length.

Final Verdict

For certain circumstances, this is a very handy Nerf Weapon. There’s a spot on the lower tactical rail if you need an extension, a stock, a canal adapter, and whatever you can carry. The Nerf Stryfe review sequence tries to make the task as quick and easy as achievable.

You should make it easier to attach accessories when you carry the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster on a quest with you.

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