Nerf Rival Zeus Review – Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster

According to the Nerf Rival Zeus Review, The Hasbro toy blaster series is Nerf Rival’s high-performance model. You will use these efficient toy weapons that are lightweight and moistening ball ammo at up to 105 feet per second and a distance of over 100 feet and if you’ve ever been playing paintball and know the stings of these pellets.

This weapon is one of the most challenging parental Nerf items since “Nerf” is also combined with soft and safe. And that’s also quite true of Nerf Competitor, who sells alongside conventional Nerf blasters on the toy blaster space. 

The initial NERF Rival Zeus is the fully automatic flywheel blaster in the opposite line. The Rival Zeus is an innovative bull-pup built blaster with fascinating adverse effects when it is armed. The Rival Zeus is a bull-pup rifle, well-controlled and ambidextrous while maintaining the length overall. It is also operated by fly-wheel, which needs 6″C” batteries. The Blaster provides a semi-auto option aside from the ambidextrous style, which is quite nice.

Features of the Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 Blaster

  • 12 Nerf Competing rounds with heavy impact
  • Quick Load magazine
  • Flip-up sights
  • Trigger lock
  • 2 Nerf Rival components tactical rails
  • 6 C battery feature

Specifications of the Gun

  • Product Dimension of 2.99*24.49*10 inches
  • Weight up to 1.47 pounds
  • 6 C battery panel
  • Fast Refill clip
  • Colors may differ in packaging

nerf rival zeus review

The Good

  • Perfect for quarter war
  • Successful grouping
  • Well performed ergonomics
  • Well balanced and distributed weight
  • Ambidextrous¬†style
  • Semi-auto
  • Average price rating

The Bad

  • Overloading complex and sluggish
  • These C batteries make them a little heavy
  • Not perfect FPS for a rival blaster
  • It jams further as batteries run low

Check out video review of Nerf Rival Zeus from here.

Nerf Rival Zeus Review in Detail

The Rival Zeus shoots a significant effect rather than darts, as opposed to N-Strike Elite blasters. They are often more exact and fire-resistant than their Elite equivalents. Endure intensive rivalry with Nerf Rival blasters’ utmost efficiency and strength. Children pick a hand to fight as a Red Team or Blue Team. High-impact release rounds up to 100 fps (30mps) at pace. Experiment with the Nerf Competitor Zeus MVX-1200 in the strength of the precise battle.

Consider the Nerf Competitor Zeus MXV-1200 and witness the power of precise fighting. Nerf Competitor blasters are superior in precision and release rounds of significant impact at 100 fps (30mps). If the case is a one-on-one battle or a team skirmish, the action’s intensive contribution from Nerf Rival blasters is entertaining. Select which side to fight by matching the blaster Zeus MXV-1200’s Red or Blue variant.


You can see during unboxing

  • Nerf Rival Zeus Blaster  
  • A magazine and ammunition
  • Two rails
  • Handbook of Guides

Reaching around the blaster, the viewpoint on the front and back is flip-up. Although you can take this blaster, it can allow you to hit what’s very incredible. Again, on top and on both edges is a tactical rail that you first need to mount. This is tactical Rival rails so that you can’t slip the N-Strike connections, even though they’ll operate in a particular direction.

Moving down to the trigger field, it is a semi-automatic blaster so that any time you shoot you must pull the trigger and the lower click is the rev trigger. This battery-powered blaster would not operate even without batteries and you must keep down this rev trigger to rev up the flywheels. You take the shot and then fire the object after revving.

To run the blaster, you require 6 “C” batteries. The slider on which the batteries are mounted can be reached behind the blaster. Many blasters are heavy on the front or rear, but the Rival Zeus is well-calibrated due to its strong weight distribution. This is a principle well known and uniformly spread over blaster range, such that the blaster is neither heavy on the front nor the back.

There’s a protective knob on the other edge. This defense knob disables the capacity to touch the rev switch to prevent the blaster from being retrieved because you cannot pull the trigger due to the extreme current locks. Strangely, the adjustment is just for right-handed persons on the one hand and all else is ambidextrous on this blaster.

There is indeed a sling mount going around, and then there’s this orange element on both ends. It’s the start of the magazine.


You will instantly realize how strong the ergonomics areas you keep the blaster in your hands. The ambidextrous style is felt relieved for the left-handed. In combination with strong weight distribution, the blaster can be used easily for longer times.

Loading and Shooting

Particularly in comparison to Elite, Rival blasters are a bit different. The muzzle speed is much higher, but the distance is definitely not better because of the hi-impact round’s aerodynamics.

So, it apparently can’t be again to use a rival blaster if you’re outside about 70-80 feet away. But if you are near to the initial speed, these things fire too easily out from the barrel and go to the target. This is good to see in a Nerf blaster since most Nerf weapons with the elite Nerf darts are terribly unreliable.

In comparison, the blaster blows at a pace of 89 feet a second, exceeding Elite blasters by around twenty feet per second.

Range of Fire

The Nerf Rival Zeus is a gun with semi-auto. This means that any button shot is fired on a dart. But as soon the trigger can be released is a significant decrease in the rate of fire.

The second drawback aspect is that they are delayed considerably each time a projectile reaches the flywheels. When you flip the switch several times in a second, the flywheel declines enough to restrict the efficiency and power substantially.

The Nerf Rival Zeus muzzle speed was almost what you’d perceive, with an average speed of 100 fps.


It doesn’t really profit to have goals or components on that front, but it’s your blaster to deliver darts consistently. The Nerf Rival Zeus is much more durable and precise than most other guns.

Nerf Rival Zeus vs. Apollo

The Zeus was significantly more precise than the Apollo, and the fire rate was also much greater. But the Zeus and Apollo are renowned alike in how they conquer the possibilities that can’t normally fire or strike hard from the standard Nerf blaster.

When you look at various characteristics of Apollo or Zeus, you can get a Blaster that makes one or another better, but with a deal of just $25, the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 is difficult to fight in terms of efficiency and enjoyable and even at $50.

Nerf Rival Zeus Review Conclusion

All in all, this is a decent blaster as per the Nerf Rival Zeus Review, the ergonomics and balances make it interesting to use, even for long stretches of time. But when ammunition is in the order you could get a little irritated. The method is too complex and the battery slide indicates why they should have done a lot better.

However, the ease of access would make it feasible. The bull-pup tends to be decent and it can be well lifted and the coordination is outstanding. The Rival round permits an outstanding aggregation of shots, but the tempo seems a little weak.
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