NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 Review

The Apollo and some other blasters from the Competing series were publicly revealed at the 2015 Toy Fair. It was eventually released again in 2017 as part of the Phantom Corps sub-series. As per the Nerf rival apollo review, a white color scheme is included with 2 Competing posters, and a 12 round magazine rather than a 7 round magazine is also available. Also published with Star Wars and Dead pool versions as a cross-promotional item.

A spring-driven, magazine-filled blaster is the NERF Competitor Apollo XV-700 which is actually the Competitor rival entrance blaster. It arrives with seven reviews, while the 12 round stick magazine of the Competitor can be seen.

Features of the NERF Rival Apollo XV-700

  • The blaster is equipped with 7 rounds with high effect.
  • The magazine’s Effective load has seven rounds.
  • To fight with Red Team or the Blue Team select red or blue blaster.
  • Blaster does have a tactical rail and a trigger lock.
  • The Apollo blaster industry standard is indeed a decent deal and an easy introduction to the pleasures of the rival.
  • NERF Rival rounds are more precise, but cannot be interchanged with other NERF ammunition types.
  • Shooting up to 100 fps (feet per second)/30 MPs as well.
  • Spring is powered, so no batteries are required.
  • Includes blaster, seven rounds, magazine, and guideline.

Specifications of the Gun

  • The mass of this blaster is near about 2.1 pounds.
  • The dimension of the blaster is 2.99*17.99*10 inches
  • 2 AAA batteries are required.
  • Overall this product is Eco-friendly in nature and should be played with the age group of 14 years.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 Review

The Good

  • The frequency of fires in excess of 100 FPS (70 FPS Elite)
  • Often more explicitly than N-Strike Elite blasters.
  • Significantly good money benefits.
  • The larger one will substitute the 7-round magazine.
  • Good grasp and trigger make holding and shooting enjoyable.

The Bad

  • Big, uncomfortable system of priming.
  • Couldn’t add the stock. 
  • Extremely limited power of the magazine.

Check out video review of NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 from here.

NERF Rival Apollo XV-700 Review in Detail

Rival is targeted at the age of 14 and above, so even the simple Apollo can be shot more quickly with about 100FPS than a normal Elite Blaster than with the regular Elite Blasters with the 70FPS. They are also far more detailed and consistent.

As all the Nerf rival Apollo xv-700 reviews mentioned, it’s available in two colors, red or blue, so make your choice but aim for the white “Phantom Corps” edition, which was limited to specific target stores. The Apollo is the route of access to the NERF set named after a messenger of the Gods of the Greek pantheon. It’s an exceptional look blaster, with a long posterior and a small barrel. Also on top of the blaster behind its defensive rail is the prime handle in a specific spot.

Experience extreme competitiveness from head to head with the Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 blaster’s supreme accuracy and strength. Choose the color of a blaster and battle as the Blue or Red Squads. With a spring action coating method, the Apollo XV-700 blaster is armed with fire up to 100 fps (30 MPs).

The magazine is easy to fill and has seven high-impact bullets. A trigger lock, a tactical rail, and a ready indicator are given for the blaster. Encounter the Apollo XV-700 blaster power of Nerf Competitor.

Unboxing of XV-700

By opening the box and seal you will get the following items such as

  • The Apollo Blaster itself
  • 7 round dirt magazine
  • 7 Rival ammunition balls
  • The instruction manual for easy setup and working procedure.


The Apollo is a versatile spring, blaster-fed magazine and just as convenient a stuff to find. When this comes off, you just launch into the magazine the high-impact Rival rounds. The magazine is simple and it’s easy to see how many rounds you left.

As with other Competitors, instead of the more familiar N-Strike Elite darts, the Apollo shoots hi-speed, high-impact spherical shots made from soft foam. The Apollo is promoted for a seven-round strength, but luckily it has 8, which is a fantastic advantage. If you like a bit better bullets, then it’s compatible with 12 rounds of Rival Zeus magazine. This is a little more from the bottom than the regular one, but in reality does not matter a lot.

The magazine even has a tiny catch, which can be drawn to unload the magazine easily. This also indicates the front when mounting your blaster, because it wants to face ahead. With a strong click, the magazine slides comfortably. You just adjust the little catch on the base of the handgrip to shift the magazine and can conveniently take it out.

As of Nerf rival Apollo xv 700 reviews, if the blaster is primed multiple times, the Apollo XV-700 will be shot armed in the fire. In order to do this, the user must first stabilize the blaster and then click the jamming button to enable the priming to handle and prime it again to round off once again. The blaster can otherwise jam, and it is not advised to space more than two or three shots.

Design & efficiency

Many of the new NERF blasters tend to be too fragile to handle for an adult. Rival is aimed at a slightly older market, with a much stronger grip and feels than the bulk of N-Strike blasters.

The remainder of the build quality must be said to be a little strange after the initial positive feelings of grip. You use the handle attached to the top of the barrel, to begin with. This is a very odd choice since it means that from your shooting position, you must take the weapon to the first position. The location on the top also implies that the movement is not so normal and is stronger than you expect.

You can handle it without an issue, but the stock is too shorter if you carry it up to your shoulder. There is no way to add the stock, so you must live with this unless you’d like to skin again. In the end, there’s a tactical rail. Like other blasters, the N-Strike attachments aren’t completely consistent, but most of them are convinced. There are still no sling spots because you still have to hold it because it is too heavy to be reasonably concealed.

Firing or Shooting

This is an effective spring blaster and you get a very excellent mechanical experience from the trigger like most spring-powered blasters. A blaster is an odd place, making it difficult to go through it, as the blaster is shifted by the force while you make it. This also means that you can’t shoot very fast when you don’t know how to aim it at the top of the target.


Even when your firing rate is quite poor with the Apollo, you have the advantages of rival precision and strength. Elite darts simply aren’t as stable or strong, which is why we like the rival.

The balls of Rival have golf balls that enable them much smoother aerodynamically and then you may not need that firing frequency, so you can do the task in one shot.

Range of Fire

Rival blasters fire around 50% quicker than elite blasters, although this is not more extensive. There is no better variety in the hi-impact rounds than the Elites. Their more reliable accuracy, though, would greatly increase their effectiveness.

Further, the extra muzzle intensity makes it difficult to avoid, but the range also doesn’t really benefit. The overall evaluated rates of the Apollo are marginally more than 102 FPS. In reality, this was the fastest pace.


Making yourself conscious of the strength of precision combat with Nerf Competitor Apollo XV-700. Nerf Competing blasters have a superior aim and are able to open rounds with high effect at rates of 100 fps (30 MPs). If the fight is 1-on-1 or a skirmish, the blasters from Nerf Competitor are very intense.

Choose which side to fight with the Apollo XV-700 blaster in the red or blue variant. This is a good contrast between values and product capacities as per the Nerf rival Apollo review, even though you do have to evaluate it! Generally speaking, it would be much more engaging and a great means of adapting the Rival Apollo XV-700.

On a short note, it is strictly advised to play with the age group of 14 years or above. Some safety measures should be taken care of so that no one will hurt in this process.

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