Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster Review

This was first revealed in August 2012, both casual Nerfers and modders were influential with Retaliator. The specific plunger firing function is effective, battery-free, and without fiddly electronics simple to modify.

There are four blasters in one Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator weapon as per the Nerf retaliator review. Change the configuration of your blaster in instances to any task. Three components can be traded for any case, and they operate with several other N-Strike Elite blasters.

Features of the Nerf Retaliator

  • The blaster of the Nerf N-strike elite is a foam play for kids.
  • A detachable supply helps keep your frame, or with the switch flip, you can disable the source.
  • Improve your flexibility treat mobility.
  • Requires the development of 4 separate configurations of three interchangeable components!
  • Placed your shot in the stock. Fits alongside other blasters of N-STRIKE Class!
  • Top and bottom Defensive Rails includes barrel extension!
  • Gets attached Assault Grip to any strategic Rail!
  • Works up to a distance of 90 feet!

Specifications of the Retaliator

  • Mass: 1.5 Pounds
  • The scale of the clip: 12 darts
  • Completion rate: 2 darts per second
  • Range of fire: 90 feet 
  • Length: 28 Inches

Nerf Retaliator Review

Since 2012, the NERF Retaliator has also been upgraded to the components of the Elite XD series. It looks like NERF may phase it out to the N-Strike Recon MKII module even while usable. It has the quickest and most common direct plunger-fire system. These interiors are exactly the same as the Elite Alpha Trooper, with no smash and roaring action.

You only simply have to add a larger spring to raise the strength and they are really easy to assemble. It is not easy to add fiddly gadgets or batteries; you can use a screwdriver to make simple modifications. This makes it a perfect starting point if a blaster has never been modified before.

These versions have been very popular for a certain time. You will therefore be able to get several mod kits that complement one of the key assets of the Retaliator, it is too easy to adjust.

Blaster efficiency is highest in N-STRIKE ELITE blasters. This is the last term in today’s blaster development with the improved scope and the innovative Elite Dart. To fulfill any obstacle, you need the blaster. The RETALIATOR gun, which is designed into all circumstances, is yours for elite adaptation.

Stay tuned or bring the Assault Grip to improve high-speed accessibility missions. Introduce the Barrel Extension with Tactical Rails on edge and on the bottom for introducing other N-STRIKE gadgets to enlarge even further your customization opportunities.

For any quest, change your RETALIATOR blaster. Three interchangeable modules allow you to adapt to any scenario you can assume to this awesome Clip framework blaster. Add or detach the Stock, Combat Grip or Barrel Expansion to your next exploration requires.

These components can also be used for an amazing variety of customization options with some other N-STRIKE blasters. You have enough you need to achieve every goal as you practice for the RETALIATOR blaster.

N-STRIKE ELITE strength is the main weapon, which would start up to 75 feet from the Elite Dart. Fast and clear snapshot, barrel expansion, and attack grip. The clip featured includes up to 12 elite darts that can be equipped with all N-STRIKE ELITE blasters.

You can also check out video review of Nerf Retaliator from here.

Nerf retaliator review

The Good

  • Super-trustworthy and quick to use firing system.
  • Mass over 2 lbs.  
  • Extension attachments for stock and barrel.
  • Simple and trendy.
  • No batteries are required.

The Bad

  • No slam fuel, which limits this as a primary capability.
  • Tactical rails are unavailable.


Although the blaster is very compact, it arrives with an inventory and barrel extension that looks much bigger when mounted. It also has a magazine with 12 darts.

The Retaliator does not require any batteries, you just shoot and pose. The adjustment to the magazine happens with the release button staying down and with the free hand withdrawing the cover.

You may keep this button down either by holding the finger in the center of your trigger or by moving your hand out. Anyway, the norm for NERF is simple and fast and pleasant.


The retaliator is lightweight, but it would be longer if the stock has been expanded and wider if the barrel is added. The stock is really durable and set, but it’s too short.

The Retaliator has a fantastic, easy handle and an outstanding trigger feel so you still have direct blasters. There are also slings on the rear of the handle. It would be a little short with just a defensive rail on the leg. However, there are more when you stick the barrel enhancement, which is also a grip.

The priming handle is at the end of the blaster. The issue that is noticed at the Retaliator was that you would let the front handle go to brace it. That means you have to let go, mostly, and then re-handle before you are able to shoot whether you have the front handle. This is obviously a dart that makes the front brace very obsolete.

But there is no purpose in doing so because you like the external defensive rails or the way the barrel appears. In 2014, the original painting process was modified to XD colored. The old orange model is appealing to most people. If you’re one, it is worth keeping an eye out as the outcome is about the same.

Loading & Shooting

The Retaliator is a basic fire mechanism, you simply take the calibrating grip and press the mechanism. Even in feeding the damaged darts, you hardly get a conflict. This process is also very reliable.

The main drawback is that it has no slam fire, which makes the firing rate very sluggish and is the real heel of Achilles against the Alpha Trooper. Some people suggest you should help control the fire intensity.

The 12-round magazine is usually good with this range and accuracy, but if you want, you can fit 18 dart magazines and drums but obviously, the fire rate doesn’t justify that. We got pretty decent muzzle speeds and range from the gun, just nothing more than an Elite weapon.

A spring that is displaced or destroyed could make your blaster in the battle useless. You should periodically substitute this adverse condition as a preventive maintenance technique. It is not advisable to change your blaster and the seller can in some countries void its warranty. This blaster has a rifled barrel with the best efficiency.


This latest blaster model aims to break beyond the boundaries of Nerf’s history and would boost all the vital places that Nerf believers want to see. This blaster contains a 12-dart shot, 2 dart reel per second, all in a 1.5 lbs. compact box.

The standard is not only improved, but it also appears. A blue and orange new design, as well as a more streamlined and offensive design, are used in all Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliators.

The effectiveness of the blasters is measured by the bullets, even when the barrels are longer. The Retaliator has not done any harm, so the dart form is your restricted feature. You might hit a human, sometime at around 10 m!


With a speed of around 71 feet per second, Retaliator’s muzzle speed was very typical for the Elite blaster sequence. That implies you can normally hit around 20 m if you angle the barrel to give the darts a decent arc.

The usable range if you shoot flat is just around 10 m or 33 ft. But it’s still appropriate since Elite darts don’t necessarily work within that distance.

Final Verdict

The Alpha Trooper is fitted with the same fire operation, but with a slam fire and pump action. This ensures that in conflicts that involve stability and secrecy in case of a bright full-car collision, you can use this as your key weapon.

But you get even better with the Alpha Trooper for a comparable price to the Retaliator with the same potential for a power boost. The assumption that the pump-action primer Retaliator arrives with packages like the Alpha Trooper informs you all about it. For the final word in today’s Nerf retaliator review, you need the Elite customization and interchangeable parts of the Retaliator blaster. 

The Retaliator has no attachments, two – eighteen dart clips, and 36 darts, and is included in the Rapid Strike Mission Pack. The Rapid Strike Mission Package is available on a European version with an “economy” Retaliator that works significantly than all other models.

There is also a premium kit for Twice the Darts, plus a Retaliator’s “economy” edition and 24 darts. The gun, two twenty-five darts, fifty Elite Darts, and directions were also included in a more value box.

According to the nerf elite retaliator review Grab this Nerf N Strike Retaliator Blaster along with this value pack series for better activity without any space.

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