Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Review -Must Read Before Buying

In January 2016, well before the New York Toy Fair of the same year, the Nerf Modulus tri-strike review was publicly revealed. The Tri-Strike is available in a blaster-including a super dart barrel length, a missile launcher stick, 12 elite darts, 4 super darts, an elite missile, a grip gun, a Tactical and an aiming light ray.

Features of the Nerf N-Strike Stryfe

  • 3 Routes to Explosion
  • Elite blaster builds a base for incorporating all the Tri-Strike components
  • Link the expansion Super Barrel to the Super Darts
  • Combine a separate missile eject Booster and Storage
  • This contains 10 elite darts, 4 super darts, 1 missile, and 10 dart clips.

Specifications of the Gun

  • The mass of this blaster is near about 2.8 pounds
  • Depth is 79mm
  • Width is 759mm
  • Height is 378mm
  • No battery, electric connections are required.
  • Overall, this product is Eco-friendly in nature.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Review in Detail

The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike blaster provides children with three distinct blast approaches with three different blasters that can be mixed or used independently with individual setups.

A Tri-Strike blaster has an Elite dart cannon, an expansion of Super dart barrels, and a launch board of missiles, offering children a variety of blowing choices to match virtually every war or mission. Children will use their strength and power to take up a fight with the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike cannon.

With the Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Blaster, kids can create their own blaster for any mission! The Tri-Strike blaster offers 3 different blasting methods for personalized setups which can be used separately or mixed. Place the Tri-Strike blaster’s variety and strength in the whole platform on the battlefield!

Join Elite Dart Blaster for an even larger shooter in the Missile launcher and dart launcher Stock! Divide the Launcher and the Booster Rocket Stock, then clip them together for a steady backup missile. Expand Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits to configure options. More than 1000 variations are available with the complete Nerf Modulus system!

The Elite Dart Blaster building and 10-Dart attachable clip combo launch. Accuracy shoot Elite darts or shoot 10 a row by dropping rapidly! Extend the barrel by expanding the super barrel. Then Super darts shoot expanded the range with this large gun.

Check out video review of Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike from here.

Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike Review

The Good

  • Fits with Elite and super darts, plus a missile.  
  • Convenient grip and style.
  • Has a powerful launch system.
  • Components are still operating well with other blasters.

The Bad

  • The launch of this magazine is a little tentative.
  • Blaster efficiency is a little slow.
  • The super darts and the rocket speed is not far enough.


You’ll find in the package such as:

  • Blaster core N-Strike
  • Magazine 10 round
  • Attachment of Giant Barrel
  • Connections and stock of the missile launcher
  • Ammunition for all the three sections

The best thing is, these parts can be used on other shells to build interchangeable blasters and are not connected to this weapon. This was a smart decision!  



The main blaster seems to be a simple spring-driven blaster when you drop the accessories. To make things worse, they wanted to extend it a little further to increase the overall visibility, but this means that the position of the magazine is much too far forward.

NERF has made enough blasters that you can quickly reach the mag launch with your trigger finger on certain blasters. However, you can’t reach despite withdrawing your hand from grasp.

It resembles a withered long strike in this context. Yeah, you can use your thumb to touch it when you catch the power, but NERF has managed to build those things properly and it just sounds sloppy. The Tri-Strike has a ten-round cartridge, but for a little extra space, you can conveniently use either of the regular N-Strike magazines.

The Tri-Strike is a blaster with spring power such that it is retroactive to the trigger. You will then pull the trigger to fire or, with any priming motion, press down the trigger and slam fire.

On the edge, if you feel a trap, the door is to the left. So you just take the priming handle back, fold back the access flap, and clear with your finger where there are any difficulties. It should be mentioned that such blasters are normally very trustworthy. For the N-Strike side, the grip is strong and secure, but it’s quite clamped with the stock linked. 


The Tri-Strike front fitting slots to every N-Strike fitting point so you can use it on every blaster you have. Then 4 Super darts are given. Igniting is not like a blaster-powered weapon, rather, you drive the handle out and bring it in again and shoot it up quickly.

The speed depends on how fast the handle is, but it is normally just approx. 40-45 fps, so you don’t have a lot of range. So it’s tough to leave because you don’t pull it out. Just one at a time, the trigger shoots, does not explode. The device itself has a short inner barrel as the front barrel extended the Retaliator.

Loading and Shooting

The Elite dart blaster and a 10-dart clip are the foundation of construction. Shoot the Elite one after the other, or shoot all ten darts easily with the power of the slam shot. Configure by expanding the barrel with the Super Barrel Pump-to-Fire extension and deliver super-blisters to the air.

Add a third blast alternative to the 2-piece launcher stock. The Nerf Modulus Tri-Strike blaster provides children various customizing abilities with 3 different blasters that can be used individually or mixed in 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 variations.

Nerf tri strike vs. Raptorstrike

Raptorstrike is a module blaster with a bolt-action. It has a built-in service and flip-up view. The optional bipod is fitted with a protective rail at the bottom of the barrel. Fairly, on the blaster there is still no top rail as would be expected on a sniper-like blaster; instead, the flip-up view takes its place whereas Nerf tri strike Modulus is easier to carry and cheaper when you can purchase the weapon individually online.

How much does Tri-strike Cost?

The average pricing of the Tri-strike blaster is about $69.95 including the accessories that are fitted in the blaster to get into a mission for an easy victory.

Final Verdict

Blaster centre is very devious. It’s motivated by soft ergonomic. So, although according to Nerf Modulus tri-strike review the efficiency of the gadgets is not perfect, they make excellent backups and tactical resources that play a variant of the game with additional points to hit anyone with a Super darts.

Much improved, you might include these accessories in a number of blasters, so that you can use them for a much stronger core blaster to your EAT or Stryfe. The price would have been far too high if NERF had provided one.

This is a nice compromise between the price and capabilities of the products, even if you should still analyze them! In general, it will be much more enjoyable, and a perfect way to adapt your other NERF blaster.

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