NERF Desolator Doomlands Toy Blaster Review

Nerf Desolator Doomlands Toy Blaster is a Basic Offensive Weapon for 8 year and older children. It brings with motorized shooting functionality to fire all the darts in a quickfire sequence. 10 Elite Darts are included in the Blaster, which you can mount into its dart frame. You will need multiple darts if you are waging a battle with this weapon.

Two Tactical Rails arrive with the Desolator Doomlands Blaster to allow you to mount different accessories. You have to purchase the accessories individually, however. To initiate a rain to darts on your enemies, you need to push the activation button and squeeze the trigger.

As per the Nerf Desolator Review, the Desolator has a game thread: Impact Zone, one of the blasters in Doomlands. In comparison to the standard Doomlands design aesthetic, this subset features a white color scheme predominantly. The Desolator is sometimes equivalent to the quicker and better Elite Stryfe, as they are both lightweight blasters.

Features of the NERF Desolator

  • Making an effect on your objective by using Motorized Shooting to shoot 10 darts quickly.
  • The 10 Nerf doomlands Elite darts contain original Nerf; you can obtain new darts as desired.
  • It’s fitted with a Dart Clip with ten Elite Darts.
  • The internal shooting process of desolator doomlands blaster is provided with a reflective field.

Specifications of the Gun

  • The overall dimension of the product is 2.64*24.02*11.5 inches
  • Made up Plastic material which is an eco-friendly product
  • Mass of the Doomlands Blaster is 2 Pounds
  • 10-dart Motorized Wheel
  • 4AA batteries needed

nerf desolator review

The Good

  • Turn up the Accelerator Button on the Blaster and push the Fire Lever to fly the Darts into the air.
  • The Blaster also supports several Nerf Elite Dart magazines.
  • The Blaster shoots One Dart in Extreme Speed Shooting Action in rapid shot combat mode.

The Bad

  • 4 AA batteries aren’t included in the kit.
  • The range of the blaster is also low.

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NERF Desolator Review in Detail

This is the domain of the impact zone of the Nerf Doomlands. Fight the blaster of the Desolator to save the environment. Load the 10-dart clip into this motor blaster, raise the power with an accelerated button, and quick-fire 1 dart for each pulled trigger.

See the specific area of the blaster to observe the inner process of shooting on fire. It consists of professional Elite Nerf Darts crafted for range, tested and accepted for consistency and results, and made of compact, flexible tips. This Doomlands blaster with a battery-operated device is familiar with most other Nerf Elite dart clips.

Unboxing of XV-700

A  Desolator is a stunning, lightweight blaster. It is filled with a wide range of stylistic specifics, such as texture, faux screws, and what appears to be a fluid pipe system. It’s always good to see a thorough out-of-box blaster because Nerf’s aesthetic specifics are limited.

Inside the package, it has the blaster piece, 10 darts, and the instruction manual.


It is meant to be just an important part of an excavation of the winter wasteland that has primarily composed of the storyline’s asteroid strike.

Even though rugged land, which we might actually meet the other blasters in this line, is opposite, we like the shift and consider it cool to extend the range to picture other environments.

We really appreciate both the layout of this device because clarity was also used in the blaster. They chose to switch the trigger to the front instead of closer to the trigger, typically concentrating more on the clip device.

Mags are usually simple and seamless to insert and extract, so extraction is easy to monitor. If no flywheels are mounted, this lock disconnects the flywheels. It is also very rigid, making it a touch harder to inject mags while being a valuable safety mechanism. This lock is eventually eliminated, making it absolutely seamless to detach the mag and insert.

Loading and Shooting

Most of the other doomlands are useful blasters, which could be managed, but can’t be loaded as much. The Nerf Doomlands Desolator is luckily equipped with a clip device, which can accommodate up to 10 darts at a time.

Although this is indeed incredibly low, we still appreciate all blasters with a clip system, so you can quickly release your empty clip and refill a new clip in seconds.

The desolator’s functionality is transparent on the right, which makes for comfortable ammunition control, unlike the solid orange N-Strike/Modulus mag. This enchantment often has an extension on the ground and numerous designs on the sides.#

But this bottom attachment is very different from that seen on double dealers and brings extra flourish and charm to a dull and ordinary magazine. The bottom attachments are not practical.

Range of Fire

The Desolator is convenient to be used as a motorized blaster. Hold the acceleration button right below the firing trigger and then keep down the power trigger to unleash the dart toward the opponent.

This blaster can shoot up to 50 feet range. If you are checking for an assault rifle to kill your enemies when you are near and intimate easily, it is a perfect war weapon. However, if you’re hunting for anything, this might not be the right weapon for you.


Exactness is wonderful; the Desolator is smart. While the Elite form of darts was in use, most dart flew directly, typically no more than 9 meters in length. And with Elites, very close to ranges, perhaps stronger than most recently available blasters.

The firing rate depends entirely on trigger technologies. A good trigger technology can consistently generate 4-5 darts per second, while experts can comfortably surpass that. Please notice that a desolator stock cannot have higher ROF, so the flywheels slow it down before they stop.

Source of Power

It provides a quick motorized -action fire blast, according to the Nerf Desolator Doomlands manual. The blaster control is available throughout the battery power technique, as mentioned in the Nerf Desolator Review.

It doesn’t have a Jamming status.

Most Nerf motor weapons appear to jam. After all, everything is likely to get trapped as you easily fire darts from a plastic gun. Although this is always something that you can face while you use Nerf Desolator, it’s a positive thing that these motorized blasters don’t have the stigma for jamming.

Nerf Desolator vs. Stryfe

In comparison to Nerf Elite Stryfe, though, it is no negative thing, as Stryfe is among the most famous and best known conventional blasters. Compared with a large blaster, one thing is different to live up to standards.

Both have no major variation in operation; the Desolator is just a Stryfe with a set inventory. However, the only distinction is the foregrip. The Stryfe is fitted with a tactical rail to handle foregrip attachments.


Although this motorized gun is not filled with the range you would normally imagine, it is compelling. It can be differentiated from its competitors through advanced features such as clear clips and an incorporated shoulder stock.

The Desolator definitely can find room in your arsenal if you’d like a pleasant blaster to be doing the job. Nerf Desolator Review states that the Desolator definitely is an alternative if you’re hunting for a strong stock blaster, a superb flywheel, or maybe even a pleasant fun blaster.

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