How To Paint Nerf Gun Like A Pro in House

Nerf Guns: Half great pleasure, half foam bullets picking. The assumption is that the paint patterns are as threatening as a spectrum. You Nerf- enemies will see you just one mile down the road with vivid colors and a chunky design.

Painting a Nerf pistol will provide the toy a unique design, making it deserving of the envy of your mates. You might just want to design it to use the toy in the footage as a model arm. The cheapest and simplest alternative to provide a different color scheme to your Nerf gun is to paint spray, but you have to undertake some simple measures with correct techniques and goods.

How To Paint Nerf Gun

Certain Ways to Paint Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun Scrubbing

This one is quite easy. You will gradually whip off the paint across your Nerf gun continuing with 100-size sandpaper and ending with a 220-size. The texture is less bright and shiny and afterward, it is much smoother to color.

Dismantle the toy

Use the screwdriver to take off the Nerf weapon. Just remove the frames you think you will need paint. Be alert, for many Nerf guns have tensioned parts that can flee at high speed after the weapons are enabled.

Before withdrawing any parts, take a picture of the internal configuration of the weapon so that you can have a template to reassemble later. Paints can be sprayed without unplugging if needed, but full coverage can be easier to obtain when you remove the toy.

Using a Blast Marker Dremel Kit

Using a Dremel tool at medium speed to remove the Nerf logo and overlay marks to give your gun a dusty, tired appearance to resume the whitening process. You want to make your pattern like a war in which individuals are using real bullets, and not just some base Nerf firearm.

Instead, clear up the weapons

You’ll use a soapy brush and water to scrub off your Nerf arm from all this dirt and stains from the scrubbing. A toothbrush should be used to enter those tight spaces until all can be wiped with microfiber cloths or aired to rinse.

Spray a few Primer

Every decent painting job begins with adding certain base material, so put your blaster pieces on a wooden block and spray through them a few fine coats of content. The wood board encourages spinning and pulling the pieces from various directions, thus cutting off contact with each part.

Consider Painting Top Coat

Now possibly you will move to paint. The very first outcome of the painting of the Nerf pistol depends on how you pose and whether you spray it white or black.

The blaster black is sprayed to enhance the shiny appearance of actual guns. The white spray renders it more like a sci-fi blaster.  Anyone would look better than the base Nerf shades, no wonder which paint.

Position any accents label

Here you can wrap across the weapon to prepare it for highlights with some base coat down and cleaned. Such strips make a painting with a stencil simple and lessen the possibility of rubbing off and scratching in the base coating in the 2nd and 3rd shades.

Liquefying the Accent Layer

In comparison to the basecoat, in which you can spread a willy-nilly, it takes a great deal of more sharpness and aims to ensure that the remainder of the paintwork is not harmed. Ensure that the overspray reaches you in the initial stage of the tape sections.

If you are messed up, you can first pause for it to dry and finally replace it after the final specifics have been added.

The Stream of Mist

You could produce a mixed color in two pastel colors that make the glow of the color dull and provide a silent look to the Nerf gun. Fading also adds to bring depth to the surfaces of the blaster so it appears more like a true weapon rather than a plastic object.

Using plasters to apply mortar

You might create a similar result by coating the layout with translucent packing tape, by slicing out the prototype with an X-ACTO blade, and putting it on the blaster surface that you intend to sprinkle on.

If the layer mask is enabled, the desired color may be placed on the blaster by the tiny brush or sponge. Clearly wipe the color of the stencil when keeping it tightly in position.

Attach Nerf Weapons Specifics

When painted, the blaster can be added in several forms, which offers the weapon a much older look. Two acrylic colors combined with a transparent poly-acrylic coating can be paired to the very same impact at an affordable level.

This is also the move you will use accent coloring to make corrections. If the paint flows onto the base mask, paint the base colors gently through it.

Clear Coat Finishing 

To conclude, sprinkle the whole Nerf gun with a transparent cover to conserve the finished color. The choice of the clear coat varies to a great extent on whether or not you would like the weapon to reflect, so ensure to prepare until you spray your operation. You can even put the Nerf gun on a surface, so you can spray it better in various ways.

Organize the Nerf weapon again

When all of the pieces are dry, fix them and enjoy the work. Your Nerf gun is now done to operate.


While the modification is very careful that the color or paint does not contact the eye or any sensible part. Work with proper gestures and tools so that the Nerf gun will be modified in an accurate manner and look. After completing the process, be ready to showcase your hard work while playing outdoor.

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