How to Modify Nerf Guns Like A Pro

how to modify nerf guns

A Nerf Blaster is a Hasbro-made plastic weapon that shoots foam balls or discs. It’s sometimes used to describe the weapon with the term Nerf Gun, but it’s used frequently as a retail word for a foam dart cannon, whether or not the Nerf brand identity is used. Multiple shapes of nerf guns modification are made. In the late 80s, with the advent of Nerf Blast-a-Ball and the Arrowstorm, the first Nerf blasters appeared.

A variety of foam darts or Super darts suits in your chambers is available to all Nerf blasters. Refilling darts, mostly from various suppliers may also be obtained individually. A lot of Nerf blasters are compliant with the various kind of foam dart, but only sleek darts that have lower diameter tips can be taken by the Magazine System blasters.

Nerf weapons are no longer just for youngsters. Adventurous do-it-yourselves explored a wide range of different ways and hacks, which make Nerf guns constantly fun, enabled by spring-activated and pumping.

Need for Modification

Changes are typical to provide a wider range and trigger rate if a person tries to mess with their Nerf blasters or darts. For only makeup only other changes. Customization can vary from weighting darts to blaster for enhanced performance.

Players adjust their blasters for a host of reasons: to improve the effectiveness of blasters, to boost or alter the design of blasters, make nerf guns more powerful, etc. In general, blaster adjustment requires the user to unlocking the blaster to alter the inner configuration and/or materials. Popular modifications are to eliminate air restraints, incorporate, upgrade or improve stronger interior parts, occupy “empty space” in order for darts to be properly executed, and transform one blaster into another.

Techniques of Nerf Guns Modification

There are several techniques of modification of Nerf blasters such as:

Modify the design of your weapon

Take time to concentrate on what sorts of improvements you would like to add to your Nerf arms look or how to customize nerf guns. Perhaps you’d like to make one or two illustrations to prepare the modifications.

Take advantage of your creativity — there are several unique improvements you can create based on the presentation you choose to introduce. There are several places where you need some Guidance, even with suggestions to create identical looks. You’ll find your favorite Nerf Gun mods. The complexity of the improvements you plan to make defines the supply and the duration of the project.

Enable adjustments to the skin

You will want to incorporate pieces to make a far more attractive appearance, based on the type of gun you initiate with. For instance, certain Nerf weapons have huge inventories, which do not or may not operate. If you have such a weapon, you might want to get a smaller firearm from stock.

On the other hand, you may want to add your weapon with design features. You may use super paint, paint, or rubber cement to incorporate anything from bits of other Nerf weapons, small toy objects, hand-craft items, or even custom novelty products, like the plastic rubber blade that’s seen here by the Nerf Maverick.

Sprinkle your weapons with paint

Several significant lovers of Nerf like to optimize arms and paintwork for their guns. It can be as easy as scrubbing down the firearm and spraying it in a color. To ensure that the spray paint will stick to the gun, you must sand all glittery coatings down.

The disassembly of the weapon or at least the removal of larger sections and their specific painting will permit a more complete work on the paint. To get a multi-colored look, you can paint the color of your weapon, let it dry, and then cover the places you want to keep that color with masking tape. Then paint the weapon with a different spray color, let it dry and take off the tape.

You will personalize your style more with a paintbrush and/or permanent marker until the painting is finished. You could even add highlights with a model brush and paints that give your weapons a metallic appearance.

Enhance the operations of your weapon

The development of the dual magazine will help you to quickly reload. You will press both of them along with one upside down if your Nerf pistol uses a clip-style cartridge. You can only switch through it and keep firing without having to set up a new clip or fill up the old one when you run out of ammo.

Enhance the range and efficiency of your weapon

You will significantly expand the range as the Nerf weapon employs springs or springs to shoot darts in stronger outlets. Remove the springs from the gun. A 20-pound spring of the same size as the gun can offer you a lot more strength, but it might be important to brace the pistol frame with PVC pipes as the extra weight will contribute to the disintegration of the body.

For specialized Nerf modifications, the barrel may be supplemented with a brass tube to expand the length by eliminating air limiting the volume of air from the barrel. 

Good quality blaster

Nerf guns have many distinct designs, but the popular ones are usually the best ones to reconfigure, as they are both the best value for money and the commonest.   If you want to start, it is a good option to get a simple spring or blaster with a flywheel because most Nerfers are more likely to adjust cheaper than a costly blaster.

Spring blasters are using a plunger system to drag the spring back before a throw is released by the trigger. Because of the massive direct plunger, the Nerf Longshot is the most extensively upgraded spring blaster. Timers use a dart pusher or conveyor belt to drive the darts onto the flywheel, which raises the dart’s momentum as much as possible to propel it from the gun.

So, it is must to have the best Nerf guns to modify for more power.

Integrate the required tools for fundamental modifications

For the further modification of the blaster, you must need some tools such as:

  • Sandpaper for removal of glossy design.
  • Hand-saw
  • Drill
  • Wire clippers
  • Set of Screwdrivers
  • Modification parts for installation.

Everyone has their own unique tips and thoughts on Nerf guns’ best upgrades and fixes, and everybody enjoys various weapons. The easiest way to learn is to understand how well the gun works and then start designing and testing your own concepts and modifications.

There are some ideas which can be implemented in the blaster such as:

  • Sniper Scope for blaster
  • Upgrade the range of fire
  • Can be upgraded to Maverick
  • Can be modified to a Machine gun, shotgun, etc.

Any gun you purchase in the shop has a limited supply of Nerf darts, but the price is very high. One of the easiest ways to figure out how to make your own darts and save cash. Nerfers has present a comprehensive process, which is collectively referred to as these kinds of homemade darts as “Stefan’s”.

Process of modifying Nerf gun

Split a half-inch foam backer into pieces of two-inch. This rod also considered a “caulk saver,” has a winter supply and caulking equipment at every residential service center. It may be similar (the content is just the same as Nerf darts).

Generally, you’ll have to flatten the backer rod in a circle before you break it into specific darts. Most people do so by taping them flat for about a day and making it flatter usually on a table or another flat surface.

Most individuals use BB or fishing weights to scale the darts. Scissors and hot glue are also required for the preparation of Stefans. Create a small hole to place the BB or the weight of fishing in one end. Heat up this hole and let it cool.

Spring Guns Modification

  • Detach all the screws that hold the box together. The first phase in the alteration of a Nerf gun modified by the spring is to remove it and to evaluate its components. The box of most weapons consists of two plastic halves holding Philips-head screws together. Large guns have a little more screws, but often the small hand-held gun blasters are even less than three.
  • Detach your screwdriver from the screws and deposit them. Drag together two halves of the weapon to reveal the inner components. This should be a shell on one side, and all components should be connected on the other.
  • Take the cylinder away and disassemble the cap. The most prevalent beginner mode is to remove air restrictors and barrel posts if you change Maverick (the simplest starting mode), which prevents you from using Stefans and reduce the power that comes with each shot. You must pull the cylinder loose, to keep the darts until they are allowed to fire.
  • The bottom-mounting cylinder should be pulled out without extremely hardening. Simply grab it securely in your hand and remove it from the gun shell. A grey or beige plastic platform should come with it and you must detach it.
  • The top is generally fastened with a small orange cap which you can either pop up with your fingers or use the flat ends of a screwdriver. Don’t lose this cap, or the blaster can’t be reassembled.
  • Hook out the posts in the barrel. Brand-nerve Darts in every barrel of the blaster is hollow and slide over a post. This avoided people from making their own darts for a longer period. You can only pull them off, luckily. Detach the end cap from each cylinder with the barrel post and use the cable or other type of string trimmer to cut them off as closely as possible to the side of the tray. If you want to, you can sand in the nub to wipe up with sandpaper. It isn’t needed, but it’s going to be cleaner.
  • Organize the cylinders, connect the plastic orange end caps to one cylinder, and reassemble the cylinders. Now you are able to focus on the finishing panels.
  • Upload the nubs of the “Russian roulette” mod off the point loads. If you haven’t already found this small, arc moulded plastic nub on its side, remove the grey plastic plate from the end of the cylinder. This is used to stop a rolling cylinder so that you can twist the compartment in the gun. This will do no difference to shoot the gun, but it looks spectacular.
  • If you’d like to finish this designer, upload the nub with a metal file or a Dremel drill. Glue it down to make the plastic compact, so that the chamber will not get on it. If not, it won’t rotate correctly. Please ensure if you use a power tool you get assistance and permission.
  • Add the blaster on the endplates and put it back in the pistol. If you would like a further 5–10 feet (1.5–3.0 m) from your gun and the ability to transform the chamber, then that’s all. Reassemble the housing for further configuration changes.
  • Modify the spring. Enhance to a better spring when you want the most force from your weapon. Test the fire elements of the weapon and loosen the spring. You can connect easily to the hardware store by going cheap and clunky piece of metal. Take the spring to search for a spring that meets width and length and purchase the content of excellent quality.
  • Some really potent modders like to cut the blaster end off by a PVC tube or metal tube that suits the width of their Stefans. Some modders are not really powerful. The tightening of the screen and the increased spring tension can lead to the darts going farther and faster.
  • If you would like to, cut off the barrel of the weapon where it fits the “body” of the weapon and throw it away. Cut a half-inch PVC pipe length that corresponds to your rough barrel length and thoroughly glue it in place to manage it in order to accomplish the coat. To prevent nubs of the adhesive within it, it is best to acquire around the outside. Barrel substitutions look pretty knockoff and you’re going to gain some power, but make your gun look ridiculous.

This is the overall process that how to make a nerf gun shoot harder and looks like a cool nerf gun mods.


The whole process of modifying the nerf guns can be settled by proper knowledge and guidance if required. It is advised to make an upgrade of your gun within the limited range so that no one can get hurt during this process. Proper modification can lead to a happy and delightful game for the Nerfers.

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