How to fix a Nerf Gun That won’t shoot

A Nerf Blaster is a plastic firearm from Hasbro which fires foam balls or discs. The term Nerf Gun is sometimes used for the naming of the firearm, although it is also used as a retail word for the cannon, whether the identity is used to represent the Nerf brand or not. Several ways of alteration of nerve guns are produced. With the introduction of Nerf weapon and Arrowstorm, the first Nerf blasters originated in the late ’80s.

Both Nerf blasters have a range of foam darts or Mega Darts in the rooms. Refilling darts can also be purchased separately, primarily from different manufacturers. Most Nerf blasters adhere to different styles of darts of foam, but Magazines Machine Blasters will only take sleek darts with lower diameter tips.

For young people, Nerf guns are no longer just. Adventurous do-it-yourselves have discovered numerous forms and hacks that allow the use of spring-activated and pumped Nerf guns constantly into the fun.

Newcomers can be quickly defeated by seeing a “write-up” alteration that looks complex from the world of Nerf gun customization. At first, certain configuration write-ups do seem complicated. Customizing a Nerf gun, though, is not very difficult — it merely requires an understanding of how a Nerf gun operates and how to implement a mod. With this experience, it is very easy to change Nerf weapons.

Many that use Nerf to change a Nerf gun use a broad assortment of equipment and materials. There are some of these, however, which are widely used by Nerfers. There is also a summary of a tool/material. There are only explanations for comparison there.

How to fix a nerf gun

Materials used for fixing a Nerf Gun

Barrel Materials

Most improvements to the Nerf gun require the removal of the barrel, so make sure that certain barrels are usable.


Sandpaper is suitable for Nerf to scrape discarded plastics, scrape dirty or crumbly cuts, and more. It is considered to have multiple sandpaper grates.

Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks

Hot Glue is widely used in modifications to Nerfs. Hot glue provides a relatively close bond for the majority of fabrics, which dries fast in contrast with most other modified glues.


Epoxy is a very solid glue used for strong bonding in many Nerf systems. The bond is much tighter than hot glue, but it takes epoxy longer to harden absolutely. In certain cases, epoxy can be more difficult to use in significant quantities.

Plumber’s Goop

Plumber’s Goop is an epoxy-like adhesive, which provides a relation of intensity close to that of epoxy. It takes a bit to harden properly, around 1 to 2 days.

Unlike epoxy, Plumber’s Goop is not a two-part glue, which means that you do not have to blend it until you add it. Plumber’s Goop can then be added conveniently in bigger quantities.

Tools Used for fixing a Nerf Gun


You must release them first if you want to fix the Nerf weapons! Both Nerf arms are held together with a Phillips-head screwdriver to remove them. Make sure you have various sizes.

The heavier the screwdriver, the faster the screws would be replaced without having been removed. Even then, ensure the head of the sprinkler fits into the cavity of the screws.


The rotary instrument becomes the best friend easily in Nerf fixes. The name “Dremel” is a popular brand of rotary equipment. So, the most important thing is to refer to their spinning mechanism as a “Dremel.”

You will find that you will use the Dremel very often after you have done fixing the nerves. It’s helpful to cut, sand, grind, etc.


Hacksaws are fine for barrel grinding, but grinding hacksaw is a little unclean and choppy. You will use sandpaper to keep it smooth and straight by sanding the tight ends of your barrel.

Pipe Cutters

Fine also for barrel cutting. You will continuously make fast, straight, clean cuts if you master the procedure for cutting barrels with pipe cutters.

There is an easy way to decide whether a weapon is a spring weapon or a pump weapon: how the arms are made. A locking mechanism is used to ready a Spring Rifle. A pump gun is prepared when a number of incidents it is pumped.

Guns of spring – 

  • Air Restrictor / Elimination of air limit.
  • Spring substitute
  • Seal enhancement
  • Barrel substitute

Pumping guns-

  • Air Restrictor / Elimination of air limit.
  • Valve Plug Over-Print Release
  • Barrel substitute

There are several fixes made to the Nerf weapon such as:

Broken Catch

The catch is an inner component that, when you cock the weapon, traps the plunger and triggers it when you pull the trigger; the subsequent air rush is what propels the dart.

As a comparatively small component, made of thin plastic, after heavy use, the trap is especially vulnerable to wearing out. Once it is broken, the weapon can usually be fixed.

Loose Catch spring

A small but essential part of the capture process is the trap spring. The tension required for the catch to sluggish to the plunger is given. Without this, after firing the shot, the grab won’t hop back into position.

The problem would be fixed if the spring is actually out of alignment. It could be appropriate to repair the spring if the spring is strained from intense use. Many online reports suggest that a pen spring will replace the trap spring with performance.

Imbalance Plunger

The plunger drives airflow on the projectiles. The plunger will also be distorted with the openings in the barrel during dismantling. The problem is solved easily by repositioning the plunger until it runs straight through the barrel.

Poor Seal in Plunger

There are two channels in the plunger, one inside the other. If the arms are confiscated and the inner tube is extended as the trigger is pulled, the outer tube is pulled down. Between both the two tubes, the rubber O-ring screen causes the air to flow in the appropriate path.

If the seal breaks, with ample fire pressure the air cannot enter the projectile. The O-ring needs to be substituted if anything occurs. In a plumbing portion, home centers, or a rubber strap as a replacement, should have the right dimension.

Chamber and Frame Stiffness

The axle around which the rest of the cylinder is lubricated with WD40. Perhaps, if it is not correctly positioned, the cylinders can brush against other pieces of the gun, and spraying WD40 will help the gun work more efficiently and mitigate any resistance damage.

Not Spinning Cylinder Properly

It can be a fast fix to make sure that the cylinder has no soil or something that isn’t on the gun. It is easy, in too many different areas of the guns, to get a tiny rock or dirt trapped. If a bullet may not stop, however, you perceive the bullet shoot, somewhere in the weapon can be wedged and an obstacle is caused.

Jammed Trigger

Normally, it is frequently stuck when the trigger doesn’t operate. The best approach is to ensure that the trigger is pushed down into the barrel.

Impaired Spring

When you’ve done everything, make sure the spring works right. The lever is stretched. If the spring is bent or broken, the spring within the chamber must be replaced.

Dart Size

The simplest way is to ensure that you use the right size dart when the ballots are trapped in the room. If the darts are too big or too short for the weapon, they will easily get caught. Substitution darts will typically be bought if you notice that your darts’ size doesn’t match your gun’s height.


Be certain the chamber and/or barrel are not obscured by your hand, whether you pull the trigger away and the darts still do not exit the chamber. If the air flees from the gun as you fire, you will tell if the chamber or barrel is trapped. Make sure you place the air to release and drive the piston to let your dart release the gun. 


While fixing the Nerf gun make sure that the first preference will be safer than other work. The fixing of the weapon needs a proper engineering method if needed in major cases. Make sure to gather the required materials or components before fixing the gun.

After the collection then finally place the components in actual order so that the Nerf weapon can work properly and smoothly.

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