How to Build a Tactical Nerf Gun Wall {With Easy-to-Follow Instructions}

You must have probably heard the phrase that to play the game there is no bar of age. Probably for nerf guns at least this is certainly the most applicable one. There is no doubt that whether it a son or a dad, everyone still loves to play around with Nerf Gun. They are so much in demand that these guns are customized and designed by brands as per the age requirement.

Some even love to have the collection of it all and would want to flaunt it around on the wall. But unlike other toys, the concept of nerf gun wall is quite different. Probably, you may want to build one at your home with your peer and father rather than buying it. Because that is what the fun is all about.

How to build a Tactical Nerf Gun Wall

How to Create a Nerf Gun Wall

Well, to prepare such a wall, there is no hard and fast rule. But yes, you must keep in mind that building a wall requires determination and focus as well. Here you shall find all the steps being mentioned systemically. But what matters is how seriously you take it.

You can even show it in your school if there comes another DIY project because this could be fun and appreciated. If you have been a real huge fan of the nerf guns then certainly, it is time to maintain them right.

Now bring your friends to the ultimate destination where they can enjoy all sort of your Nerf Gun collection that is ganged up on the wall. Wondering how? Well, the steps for the same are mentioned below.

Prepare Yourself for the Overall Budget

If you buy the ready wall set from the store the budget can go quite more than $100 but, if you plan to make this project at home it would cost less than $50 depending on how many things you already have at home. The hooks quality and style would make the price surge and you have to accordingly keep these things in mind.

Materials Needed for A Nerf Gun Wall

  • Sheet of Pegboard
  • Spray Paint
  • Mounting Screws
  • Baskets for Accommodation
  • Washers
  • Plastic Spacers -1 1/2″ – 2
  • Toy Weapons Selection

Instructions to create A Nerf Gun Wall

Step 1:

Firstly, you need to spray the pegboard with the paint color. Choose the color that would complement. This may take some time besides; you will have to go for the additional coating to get the finishing look. You need to also apply the paint on the cover.

You can spray a night before you start doing another thing so that it gets dried out completely. This is not a primary obligatory step but an optional one. It is entirely for the finely finished appearance purpose.

The color that you choose should be funky and must match the contrasting color of the nerf gun. This would bring in the whole appearance more enlighten. Besides, it is important to buy a quality color to which you are not allergic.

Step 2:

Go ahead and then measure the also do the right markings wherever it is needed for hanging the pegboard. You can use it to hit the studs or even the drywall anchors are best. This way at least it would have a better hold to your wall.

Step 3:

Moving next, there is a plastic spacer that you must have with you which you need to place behind the board. Make sure you then run the water and then screw through the front. It is fine if you even use the driller to together it well. You need to drill in such a manner that once you do the fitting, it looks nice and can hold in much together manner.

Step 4:

You must have carried different types of baskets and hooks. Well, you need to buy them depending on your requirement. There are so many different colors and styles that are available in the market to make the choice, you can explore more options at the local hardware store.

But if you have some already well then you shall be saving quite a lot of money on that. Now it is time to use them well is that next time when you make create another such product you know the right place to find the darts.

Quick tips that can help

The whole process is done. All you have to do is now bring your dart gun collection and keep it organized on the wall. Now you don’t have to face the trouble of stacking it always. Besides, it would be a lot easy to bring in your friends at home and use the gun and grab it easily and put it again on the wall.

This wall can be a great showpiece platform for the guns too. The best part about this wall is in less stationery you can save a lot of guns and space.

Make sure the drilling is done fine and you check it two times before getting the work of hanging the nerf gun done properly. This wall is the right solution to store all your guns and even off the floor.

You can even surf online for more designs and try to come up with your own. After all, it is the best way to keep organized and use it as and when needed. Now you don’t have to look for it in your wardrobe or under the bed. But yes, make sure the hooks are quite of superior quality and from a reputable brand.


There is no better option than the Nerf Gun wall where you can hang over your guns and store them well. But yes, you need to keep in mind that all the steps that are mentioned above should be followed in the right manner.

Make sure you have all key things ready with you before you start building up such an interesting wall. You can hang it anywhere but it should be easily accessible and must be away from kids who are below 3 years of age.

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