The Fastest Firing Nerf Gun Ever In The World

A Nerf Blaster is a Hasbro-created toy pistol, which fires plastic balls or foams. The word ‘Nerf gun is generally used to predict the toy. It is commonly used as a generic term for any dart blaster, irrespective of whether the Nerf brand identity has or not.

For light entertainment — squished darts fired to frighten older siblings and parents — anxious weapons were made, but now the weapons trickled the metaphorical Dew and got intense.

Any Nerf blaster has a collection of elite darts, rivals, mega-darts, and other styles that have been equipped to be shot by that blaster, normally only sufficient to fill the blaster or to fill the clip or magazine once. Filling ammunition can also, mostly from different suppliers, be bought separately. A variety of Nerf blasters are compliant with the various forms of foam darts, but only streamline darts that have smaller diameter tips can be taken by blasters in the system.

Elite darts were made into the current standard dartboard as all traditional blasters and magazines are accessible.

Many Nerf blaster attachments are available individually or with chosen blasters supplied. There are ammo holders or accessories that improve Nerf blasters’ practical or decorative components as well as some Super Soaker blasters.

Fastest Firing Nerf Gun Ever

Among the fastest firing blaster, Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster has made it up to the top of the ranking as the fastest shooting Nerf gun in the world due to its cool mechanism and ergonomics.

Overview to Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster

Many of the users wanting to know what is the fastest Nerf gun?

A full automatic flywheel-blaster, with some really unique, sci-fi technology, was released in late 2016 by NERF N-Strike Elite Hyperfire.

It is also equipped with a 25-dart drum that you like, as you can shoot up to five darts out of the frame per second.

The blaster itself is just a 25-round drum and 25 darts for feeding into the drum as you disassemble the Hyperfire.

It is only four pounds maximum, which is slightly heavier than the RapidStrike. It is not that bad. Many of this excess weight can be accessible with the aid of a screwdriver by means of four D batteries positioned on the stock. These are not given but if it’s a present, make sure that you buy them.

You can’t help but remember until shot that it is much calmer than the old flywheel blasters and is the fastest shooting Nerf gun.

It’s quick to change the drum or magazine. Stretch the middle finger to hit the fire button, and use your other hand to lift the drum out. The bigger drum and 18 round magazines performed well, too.

Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Hyper fire Blaster

The Fastest Firing Nerf Gun

  • Smooth and dazzling rapid-fire rate – perfect for cover fire or defense.
  • Sci-fi is a future-oriented launch to the Elite N-Strike line-up.
  • Above everything, with a blaster that burns Elite darts.
  • Four “D” batteries– are needed to work.

Design or Strategy of Hyper Fire Blaster

The Hyperfire measures approximately 2 feet in length and approximately 4 inches wide. It’s a fascinating form, far from the aesthetics of the RapidStrike attack gun.

Ergonomics or Functional Design

A pleasant touch, a comfortable feeling, and a stronger grip is the rubberized grip.

It appears the thumb hole is incorrect. Furthermore, the stock is too low to fire from your shoulder. Without going into decent customization there is no way of adding a longer stock.

Loading and Rate of Fire

You turn the flywheels around, pull the trigger, and go forward, much like the other flywheel blasters. But the advanced research team at NERF has created a strange transfer belt system. The belt contains tabs that grip the darts, take them out of the drum, and retain them till you are ready to shoot. The motorized conveyor belt rotates as the lever is pulled, then moves the flip flywheels to the darts.

The NERF N-Strike Elite Hyperfire is also another smart design; the flywheels are slanted or canted. This flips the darts as they fly from the blaster to the enemies. This spin-off effect gives you a closer consolidation and more consistent performance close to the rifling of true weapons.

Although it is not comparable to the Competitor Range, the RapidStrike or the Stryfe range is significantly greater than most flywheels.

The other aspect that you find is that the older fully auto blasters are much quieter and better. The mixture of silence and smoothness tells you that the tech is always enhanced by NERF.

Firing Rate

We need to score nearly perfectly with the fire intensity. The sole issue, particularly when your darts get somewhat worn and the batteries get older, is that they get stuck.

The “D” batteries are often broad and relatively pricey, meaning that they should be replaced periodically. Whether it’s enhanced or looking to rechargeable.

Firing Range

At only around 75 feet per second, Hyper Fire’s muzzle speed was incredibly awesome and is a little FPS higher than the N-STRIKE ELITE norm. The sung flywheels aid with both the range and the precision of the distance at which the flywheels flew, but also with increased precision.

So you will shower down on an unfortunate crowd at about 22-25 m if you tilt the barrel to allow the dart a decent arc.

The distance is only about 50ft/15m if you shoot it flat, and it is more reliable, which implies the range is much higher than almost some other undamaged blaster.

If you want to know more about this gun then you can check out Nerf N-Strike Hyperfire Blaster Review from here.


The exactness of the fire is also a major upgrade when you really need a fire cover, this is a blaster that sprays tons of foam very easily even with the lightning effect of spinning the dart.

However, although the internal work has some outstanding engineering and mechanics, they are prone to jam, in particular with older darts that are more beaten up. The Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster is the fastest firing Nerf gun and made the space between the millions of users.

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